Galilea Montijo highlights her hips with a sports sweatshirt and dress pants

Today’s host is a fan of sharing beautiful outfits that impose combinations of style and prints, which highlight his attributes, so on this occasion he highlighted his hips by wearing a sports sweatshirt with brown dress pants.

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Galilea Montijo is one of the most popular drivers in Mexico, which has a large trajectory in Televisa that until now has positioned her in the world of entertainment, although she is not only active in this medium.

Also on social networks, there she shares small fragments of her life and her style of dressing, so on this occasion she captivated by wearing a very modern, which included a navy blue sweatshirt with brown sleeves with white and blue stripes.

She complemented this garment with beige brown checked trousers and shoes high-heeled with a bow at the tip, although without a doubt what caught the most attention was her hairstyle, which was made up of a high pompadour and the rest of her hair tied back.

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Her makeup was very simple, since only brown shadows and black eyeliner can be seen. Immediately your followers They did not hesitate to comment on this publication, highlighting her style to dress, but above all her beauty, which stands out with everything she wears.

It seems that the gossip in the life of Galilea Montijo has no end, since recently one of her colleagues on television recalled how uncomfortable and distressing the moment was when the presenter of Hoy threatened her with beat her up, now even abusive came out.

Lilí Brillante was the victim of Galilea Montijo, and in the early 2000s, these two hosts shared a camera on the program TV life, where for five years they were partners, but not everything was honey on flakes, since there were many misunderstandings.

Lilí Brillante mentioned that sometimes the host of Hoy’s ego rose, so she had several discussions with her, who were not on good terms, so much so that on one occasion Galilea Montijo approached her to threaten to beat her.

Poor Galilea Montijo, it seems that the accusations against her do not stop, from her relationship in her friend’s business Inés Gómez Mont or her past as a girlfriend of drug traffickers, and now her ill-treatment towards different colleagues, her rags are coming out in the sun.

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