Gabriel Boric in Enade: “I want to be a President who can talk and give an account of the reasons that lead us to make a decision”

The President-elect, Gabriel Boric, participated this Thursday of the National Meeting of the Company 2022 (Enade), where he stressed that the changes proposed during his future government will be carried out with “gradualism and fiscal responsibility.”

To start, and after reading an excerpt from Punta Arenas Cemetery of Enrique Lihn, the President-elect affirmed that “the result expressed on December 19 (second presidential round) was clear, but in no case It is a result that can make us dizzy to try to move forward without dialogue”.

In this sense, he added that “If we do not advance in parallel with the (Constitutional) Convention in material solutions, we will not have solved the causes that led us to the social outbreak.”.

Along the same lines, the still deputy for Magellan said that “our current the status quo slows down economic development and deepens social unrest”.

He also indicated that “it is important to be honest with reality: lhe public finances in Chile today are stressed. And for that, we are all responsible ”.

A path of profound changes

Boric stated that “Our government plan proposes to start a path of profound changes that seeks to strengthen the social protection network, get our economy out of productive stagnation and face the climate crisis “.

“The changes we are targeting must be carried out with a broad dialogue without exclusions, with gradualness and fiscal responsibility”, He assured.

The parliamentarian stressed that “one of the objectives of our economic plan is the recovery of formal jobs that have been left behind by the pandemic ”.

In addition, he mentioned that “a tax reform has to be discussed, For the benefit of all Chileans, aiming for greater equity cannot be seen as a confrontation between good and bad. Let’s reach an agreement that is good for the country. ”

Moreover, the still parliamentarian highlighted the reduction of poverty in the last 30 years, adding that “poverty has to continue to be one of the challenges to face as a society”.

A president who can converse

Boric took advantage of Enade 2022 and stressed that “no major and structural change is achieved overnight. Radicality is not in who shouts the loudest ”.

“Want to be a President who can converse and give an account of the reasons that lead us to make one decision and another, “said the new president.

Meanwhile, the new head of state indicated that “Growth and the distribution of wealth have to go hand in hand with environmental sustainability development”.

The State has to be at the service of the people and those of us who are public officials have to be servants and not use the State ”, he added.

To close our participation in Enade 2022, the President-elect, Gabriel Boric ruled that “the best examples of when societies move forward is when they come together and I am going to insist on that discourse even if it bothers some”.

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