Furious statements by Juan Grabois against the Cabinet of Alberto Fernández

The tough defeat suffered on Sunday Front of All It has generated various reactions inside the ruling party. From Kirchnerism they ask for changes in the cabinet of Alberto Fernandez but the Casa Rosada has ratified the officials. In that context, the one who went out to fire thick ammunition at the government was the social reference Juan Grabois.

“When the people ask for blood, some head has to roll. I don’t know from whom but there have to be changes,” he said. Grabois in dialogue with Radio FutuRock. And then he assured that he had preferred to be cautious in his statements in the previous election but that it was time to speak.

“I did not speak in the last time so as not to harm the Front of All. I still think that it is the best option in the country, “he said and began to give details about the weaknesses that he observes in the national cabinet.

“A Santiago Cafiero I respect him but for me the Cabinet does not work. There is a level of uncoordination that is ordered with someone of weight who cuts the cod, “he remarked without regard for a change in that area. In addition, he complained that it is” a very Buenos Aires Cabinet “in which decisions are made” from the desk and not from the street. “

Juan Grabois was dispatched against the national cabinet.

Another of those pointed out by Grabois was the Minister of Economy. “TO Martin Guzman It lacks streets and political training, “he said and asked that” a universal salary similar to the IFE “be re-implemented.

“The Government is without mystique,” lamented the leader of social movements and assured that there is “improvisation, lightness and lack of leadership with an absolute disconnection between the ministers.”

“Our people are giving us the opportunity to realize that the Government is going the wrong way,” he concluded in an explosive interview.


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