From today the manteros will leave the center to settle in the San Martín park

The Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Salta confirmed that until Sunday he will allow them to be installed in Plaza Francia in Parque San Martín for Mother’s Day. On Wednesday different representatives of associations met to diagram controls for the sales for the celebrations next Sunday.

We must remember that after the crime of Nahuel Vilte last Sunday at dawn, the municipality had determined the complete eviction of the space.

Despite the ordered measure, as of this afternoon It will seek to relocate the pedestrian manteros having “zero tolerance”, said the Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Salta, Frida Fonseca, to FMProfessional.

In addition, the official clarified that for now the only spaces formally enabled to work in the park are the book fair, the “La Salteñita” fair and the fair located in Pasaje Beltrán.

From the municipality, they reported that the number of police officers to work in the microcenter will be expanded guaranteeing security and avoiding the settlement of informal or unauthorized sectors.

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