From the Front of All, they point out that “we must interpret what the neighbors said at the polls”

The candidate for councilor for the Frente de Todos in Bahía Blanca, Gisela Ghigliani, pointed out that in order to reverse the broad defeat suffered at the hands of the ruling party at the local level in November, it will be necessary to “better interpret what the neighbors said at the polls.”

“We are going to continue working convinced that this is the way to go. At the local level, the ruling party’s list has won and we think that – although it is an election in a particular setting not only because of the epidemiological context – there is an emotional vote and people expressed it that way, “he said.

The mayor remarked that it will be necessary to “listen and understand this message that the neighbors give us.”

For her part, the second candidate for provincial deputy, Maite Alvado, acknowledged that “there was an enormous challenge in many districts where the ruling party ruled and that marks a similarity with what is happening in Bahía Blanca.”

“Our commitment is with the neighbors, and therefore we must listen and understand their needs, and what they are showing us with their vote,” he said.

Meanwhile, the referent of the Frente de Todos at the local level, Federico Susbielles, remarked that “the campaign was unidirectional”, since “there was only one space that he proposed and that raised a debate and concrete proposals for Bahía Blanca”.

“I have no doubt that our list and its proposals mark many of the needs and problems that the city is facing,” he said.

In this regard, he stated that “in this election, apart from people expressing themselves about the direction of the government, many feelings are also expressed that have to do with what we had to live in a pandemic, with the anguish, sadness, certain disappointments and uncertainty ”.

“People expressed that sentiment and they produced the results that we see in the city. I have no doubt that we are on the right track. We must speak with the neighbors and that it can be discussed locally with the space that has governed Bahía Blanca for six years ”, he concluded.

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