From Saturday, January 15, projects for Mendoza Activa 3 can be registered

Like Mendoza Activa 1 and Mendoza Activa 2, Mendoza Activa 3 was approved by law in the provincial Legislature and is now underway with projection of investments by SMEs, entrepreneurs, families and citizens of about $ 70,000 million.

The program, pioneer in Argentina, reimburses up to 45% of what is invested in credit in virtual wallets and Non-Refundable Contributions, with a bonus of up to 5% for the creation of new jobs, for technology companies and orange economy and for projects led by women.

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A productive wheel on the move

Thanks to this plan, the State’s contribution is multiplied and returns to society in productive investments. Mendoza Activa 2, for example, had an outlay of 13 billion pesos in virtual wallets and ANR, but this contribution translated into $ 39 billion pesos from private projects and new jobs.

In total, in the three stages of this plan, the projected investment will be $ 130,000,000,000, in two years marked by the pandemic and the economic crisis in Argentina.

“The Legislature approved our proposal of 20 billion pesos by the Government, which will translate into a private investment process of around 70 billion pesos,” explained the Minister of Economy and Energy, Enrique Vaquié.

In this edition sports clubs are added, very hit by the pandemic and fundamental in the social fabric. A first home plan is also added, with soft mortgage loans and refunds that will facilitate access to their own home for thousands of Mendoza families.

“Apart from the 40% reimbursement that the program had been bringing in previous lines, an extra 15% will be added, which will be delivered as soon as the contract is signed as an advance for the purchase of construction materials,” explained the minister, and assured that The objective is to solve the housing problem for thousands of families who do not have their own roof.

“In addition, there is a new line for infrastructure and equipment for sports clubs. They will have an ultra-soft credit of up to 70% of the investment they make ”, he added. This line will allow sports centers to take loans of up to 5 million pesos at a 12% annual rate, with a 6-month grace period and repayment of up to 3 years. All this investment will have the corresponding 40% reimbursement in ANR and virtual wallets.

In detail: the financing lines and how to sign up

In this edition there will be 28 lines, including Mendoza Activa Hidrocarburos, which has achieved $ 9 billion pesos in investments in two editions and the reactivation of more than 200 wells and fields that were abandoned.

To register, interested parties must enter the website of the Ministry of Economy and Energy and open the Mendoza Activa III tab, available from January 15.

The lines are:

Sports infrastructure: investments in materials, technical services and affected labor for the construction, repair and / or completion of infrastructures of sports clubs, sports federations or sports entities. The benefit may be used for equipment and what is manufactured and marketed in Mendoza will be prioritized. Combine credit 70% to 12% per year (6 months of grace) and the guarantee will be the collection of the club according to membership of the automatic debit

First home: The successful bidders will receive an additional benefit of 15% of the investment value, in materials, technical services and labor for the building as an advance with a charge to be paid, by bank transfer. The rest of the benefit will be refunded according to what has already been established for the other lines.

Trade and services working capital: For merchandise, supplies and technical or specialized services.

Individual construction: materials, technical services and labor involved in the construction, expansion, completion and refurbishment of housing units. The construction concept is included.

Key on hand: materials, technical services and labor involved in the construction, expansion, completion and refurbishment of commercial, recreational and / or tourist premises, industrial and service establishments and infrastructure in establishments dedicated to agricultural-livestock production, beekeeping, services and industry. Investments may include urbanization works.

Construction and urbanization: construction, refurbishment, completion and expansion of venues and establishments for recreational and / or sports use, water networks and water connection, drainage network, electrical network, electrical connection, connections to telephone and internet services, and pedestrian network ( sidewalks, bridges and corners) of neighborhood associations, unions, unions among others.

Rural housing: materials, technical services, labor and turnkey works for the construction, expansion and renovation of rural homes.

Industrial parks, industry and industrial equipment: machinery, implements, accessories, production lines and industrial equipment preferably produced in the Province of Mendoza

Audiovisual industry: Investments that involve purchases of machinery and equipment related to sound systems, lighting, audiovisuals, screens, projectors, fences, generators, stage bodies and others, preferably produced in the province of Mendoza. Those located in the Industrial Parks of the Province registered in the National Register of Industrial Parks (RENPI) will be prioritized as those located in the Industrial Zones of the Departments. Investments by Cultural Productions and audiovisual services are included both in equipment and those referred to inputs and technical or specialized services.

Industrial and agricultural service providers: investments in machinery and equipment for service providers destined for the industrial and agricultural sector, preferably produced in the province of Mendoza.

Commercial and service equipment: purchase and installation of equipment for commercial or service purposes, preferably produced in the Province of Mendoza.

Energy efficiency: purchase, installation and commissioning of equipment that contributes to saving energy consumption.

Precision farming: equipment with sensors for air temperature and humidity, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, for seasonal meteorological data. Investments for weather data equipment and software.

Irrigation efficiency: pressurized irrigation systems. Turnkey delivery scheme. Intra-farm surface irrigation system. Elements to improve the internal distribution system, tents for covers, sleeves with opening and closing windows for distribution by covers, pressure compensating tanks.

Forages: purchase of seeds and pressurized irrigation equipment and agrochemicals.

Agricultural development: plantation of walnut, almond, pistachio, olive, cherry and other crops that the enforcement authority determines by regulation. Support and driving structures. Greenhouses. Infrastructure in hydroponic and aquaponic crops. Support structures. Acquisition of machinery. Propagation material. Guardians and leggings. Purchase of Agrochemicals and others.

Farm Equipment: Purchase of agricultural machinery, creation and strengthening of service centers, cold rooms.

Agricultural defense: materials, accessories and installation of anti-hail mesh (turnkey delivery scheme). Active defense systems against sub arboreal, supra arboreal frost, turnkey delivery scheme.

Forestry: purchase of propagation material, pressurized irrigation. Populus, salix, eucalyptus, coniferous and / or other species that are technically and agroecologically adapted to the area to be cultivated (wood species).

Transport: purchase of vehicles and equipment for school and tourist transport and personnel transfer service.

Staff: acquisition of teaching staff, both public and private, of equipment consisting of computers, notebooks or the like.

Livestock and others: purchase and replacement of bellies (cattle, pigs, goats and sheep), purchase of wintering, purchase of hives and inputs for beekeeping, purchase of grains and forage for fattening or supplementation (cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry) .

Construction of housing complexes: materials, technical services and labor involved in the construction and completion of housing complexes. Investments may include urbanization works.

The reimbursement percentages will be between 5% and 15% more for projects that contribute to the Generation of permanent Employment or that mean the attraction of foreign capital to Mendoza.

Federal and focused on work

In addition to being available in all municipalities, the program will develop the Municipal Productive Infrastructure section, with a budget of $ 1,500,000,000.

The objective is to finance the construction, renovation, completion of works, infrastructure and / or obtaining equipment for the Municipalities, which are of a productive / economic nature and whose objective is local economic development.

The Province will transfer to the municipalities up to 50% of the projects that are approved through ANR or credit as provided by the Ministry of Finance and Finance.

Those projects that are registered in the Bank of Public Investment Projects of the Public Investment System and those that demonstrate compliance with the economic development objectives, excluding those that are within the Municipal Infrastructure Program (PIM), may be beneficiaries.

Mendoza Activa 3 also gives continuity to the Enlace y Enlazados employment programs, dependent on the Territorial Directorate of Employment and Training of the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Enlace is a Certified Labor Training program that so far has given employment and labor education to 4,412 people, since its inception in October 2020. Enlazados is the continuity of this program: SMEs that put their “trained “They receive a benefit of up to 7 months of minimum living and mobile salary for the new worker.

This plan has achieved 1,889 new formally registered workers in five months and throughout the province.

All applications will be generated through the page of the Ministry of Economy and Energy and applicants will have a ticket number, which will allow, as in the two previous editions, to follow up online and complete requirements with the advice of the staff. of the Government of Mendoza.

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