FROM R$ 599.90 | 16GB of Kingston Fury Beast RGB Memory on KaBuM!

Model comes with customizable lighting and a “lifetime” guarantee so you can enjoy your favorite games without worrying your head

Our coverage of the best Black Friday deals is already in full swing here on Adrenaline. For those with an eye on peripherals like mice, keyboards and headsets, we have a full article with good directions for you to spend your money well.

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For those looking for memories DDR4 com RGB to complement the look of the PC and give that nice upgrade, an interesting option might be the kit de 16GB (2x8GB) da linha Kingston Fury Beast RGB. On Kaboom!, it will be sold at the price of R$ 599.90, starting at 20:00 today (25).

Comprar memória DDR4 Kingston Fury Beast RGB 16GB (2x8GB)

The Kit comes with two 8GB magazines each, certified to work in frequencies up to 3600 MHz (with Intel XMP or equivalent AMD technology, as long as used on compatible motherboards). Identified by product code KF436C17BBAK2/16, the set totals 16GB of DDR4 and operates with CL17 timings.

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Kingston certifies modules with “lifetime” warranty (3,600 days), highlighting the low operating temperatures. In terms of presentation, Kingston promises a Intense RGB lighting with an aggressive look, which can be controlled directly via the motherboard software.

A tip to guarantee your purchases on Black Friday

As usual, store inventories are limited and prices are subject to change. Therefore, we always recommend that users interested in shopping at KaBuM! make your logins in advance, so that when promotions go live there is time to open the product page and add it to your cart.

This is true not only for Kingston Fury Beast RGB memories, but for any other product advertised at prices below usual this Black Friday.

In addition to the memories, what else are you looking to buy during this friday’s crazy promotions? Tell us down here in the comments!

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BLACK FRIDAY 2021 |  The best deals updated in real time

BLACK FRIDAY 2021 | The best deals updated in real time
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