From a movie! The police “history” of Rodrigo Jara, Gladys’s new boyfriend La Bomba Tucumana

Radiant, happy, renewed, that’s how she looks Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, who found love on stage, with none other than Rodrigo Jara, her “hot” dancer with whom they break her up at every performance of crocodile, in Villa Carlos Paz.

“There is a lot of wave with Rodrigo. Something very strange happens with him and very magical. I accept that things happened. He is a very handsome boy, I love him, I am not 27 years older than him, I am 56 and he is 36, we are fine there. I love him”confirmed Gladys in Intruders, shock of life.

And reasons are plenty, because the truth is that Rodrigo, in addition to showing off a body that seems chiseled by hand by Miguel Angel and dance like the gods, he owns a most interesting and curious past, since prior to his artistic career, he was a policeman.

The details of his past in the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires were given by himself, sitting in the study of BLUE, in June of last year, when he stood out as the dancer of Mariana Genesio Pena in The ShowMatch Academy.

“I started dancing as a hobby when I was older. I was a policeman and I worked in the intelligence service. At the time I worked in the intelligence service, the division was called ‘crime prevention’ since the word ‘intelligence’ was not right view”, counted Jara, which entered by force in 2006.

The most striking of all is that the boyfriend of Gladys He worked as an “infiltrator”, like in the movies. “I worked as a civilian with a beard, earring, long hair, they let you have tattoos or whatever because, the less you looked like a police officer, the better. He was an infiltrator.”he remembered that time.

The man said that initially his job was to infiltrate the pickets and demonstrations to “see what they wanted and how long they were going to stay.” “The issue was that no one could know that you were a police officer”, He explained.

Rodrigo He had a very calm passage by the Police: “Luckily they never discovered me, in fact I never had an armed confrontation. I was armed, I had the service weapon all the time but luckily I never had to use it. The work was very good.”

At the time, there was a dancer in Bailando whose face was burned with acid (Lorena Paranyez) We were looking for the ex-boyfriend. In fact, we found him after a lot of research because he had a sister who danced tango”, he continued.

The dancer commented that he was also involved in the investigation in the case Julio Lopez: “We were doing a lot of listening”. With all this data, there is nothing left but to applaud Gladys, who struck boyfriend, dance partner and bodyguard.

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