Freestyle Combat: When, where and how to see the first date in Mexico?

This Thursday, November 25, it will take place the first day of Combate Freestyle 2021 in Mexico, after the successful dates held in Chile, Peru and Argentina.

One of the biggest novelties of this competition is the automatic classification of the winners to a Latin American grand final, which will bring together the eight winners from four countries: Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

Where and when to see Freestyle Combat?

The first day of Freestyle Combat to be held in Mexico It will take place this Thursday, November 25 at 10:00 p.m.

The transmission will be in SPACE and in the YouTube channel Freestyle Combat.

Participants and juries

The juries in charge of evaluating each freestyler will be Sipo, Danger and PimeMeanwhile, it is not yet confirmed who will be the DJ of the day.

While the seven MC’s participating in this stage in Mexico will be: Marithea, Majestic, Power, Lobo, Zticma, B One and Adrenaline.

Competition modality

As in its previous dates, Combate Freestyle takes place under the modality Seven to Punch. In this way, the participants are measured in several short and dynamic matches, without a predetermined fixture.

In each duel, the two participants face each other in a double challenge of phrases and replies, and the jury must choose a winner who will continue in the competition.

Whoever succeeds in this instance, will score a point and start a new dispute against another rival. In the case of the loser, he will have to wait waiting for a new opportunity.

The four highest-scoring freestylers advance to the semifinals, where new couples are assembled that will go through the pass to the definition.

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