Free tests against the coronavirus in IPV Ituzaingó and Recreo Norte

The Municipality of Córdoba will have mobile health posts in the neighborhoods IPV Ituzaingó and Recreo Norte this Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of September.

At the stalls, residents will be able to access Covid-19 tests, calendar and flu vaccination, various medical check-ups and Civil Registry procedures.

Neighbors may come from 9 to 15 hours without a previous shift. The attention is in order of arrival. The test is done on all people, whether they have symptoms or not.

One of the operations will be located at the “El Trébol” Club located at Av. Los Milagros 740, Recreo Norte, while the other will be located at the Plaza IPV located on Calle Willian Bragg on the corner of Alberto Michelson, in the IPV Ituzaingó neighborhood.

What services do the positions offer?

– Covid-19 tests, flu and calendar vaccination, medical, ophthalmological and dental clinic controls.

– Blood glucose, hypertension, nutritional and pediatric checks.

– Procedures for items, birth certificates and ID.

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