Free graduate trips: the Government stands behind Kicillof

The ruling party as a whole ended up being behind the idea of ​​the governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, to subsidize trips of graduates of high school students in an effort to reactivate the tourism sector, after the harsh criticism that they downloaded from the opposition,

As a new dividing line, the opponents questioned the initiative, calling it an electoralist in an attempt to get votes from young people of school age, but the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, described the announcement as a “valid political strategy”, while the vice president Cristina Fernández also expressed her support, unloading harsh questions to former President Mauricio Macri.

On the one hand, Perczyk affirmed that the Buenos Aires government’s initiative to promote provincial tourism with “free” graduate trips is “a valid political strategy.” “There are other jurisdictions, which have a different political color, which organize camps and the boys go on a trip and have other experiences,” stressed the Minister of Education.

In radio statements, the national official pointed out: “This is not a novelty in Argentina. It draws attention because we want it to attract attention.” In this context, he specified that “the governor made the decision to announce it” and that this is “part of educational policy.”

“The verb is not to give away but to guarantee something that some have and others do not have. It is not giving away. There is a possibility of having a school completion experience,” he stressed.

In addition, the national official referred to the program that Kicillof presented yesterday so that young people from Buenos Aires who are in the last year of secondary school, in the public and private system, have their graduates trip “free”.

Cycle completion experience

“It is not giving away. There is a possibility of having a school completion experience, which is not the graduate trip that I did somewhere, where we did what is generally described as doing. There is an educational experience of end a cycle, “argued Perczyk.

At that point, the national minister considered that “the discussion is in what is invested and how the boys finish two years that were tremendous for them.”

Referring to the consequences of the pandemic, he indicated: “A consequence that for me is tremendous, very painful, is that of the boys and girls who dropped out of school.”

“Those who completely disassociated themselves and those who did so intermittently. For the State, society and the Government it is something that we cannot sustain and we have to go find them and solve it,” he emphasized.

Finally, he assured that the national Executive must “work for full presence,” and added: “They are routine and habit issues, but they are also investments by the State to improve schools, ventilate them, improve sanitary facilities, accessibility.”

Cristina added her support to the governor

Vice President Cristina Kirchner defended the Buenos Aires governor’s decision for her. By rejecting criticism about the increase in spending that the provincial president’s measure is supposed to generate, the president of the Senate questioned the “laundering of 35 million dollars” carried out by former president Mauricio Macri.

Fernández considered that the critical media did not questionnaires “when Macri gave the mother and the little brother the money laundering of 35 million dollars”,

“Of the gift of the 44 billion dollars from the IMF, which no one saw but that we all have to pay, either.” “Now if Axel subsidizes with $ 30,000 the accommodation and transportation of the end-of-year trip for the PBA high school students, measured at two bands for the sectors most affected by the
pandemic, long-distance transport and Hotels of the Province, that is ‘a gift’ andaaaa … “, fired the former president.

Also throughout the day, Kicillof himself defended his initiative by pointing out that those who criticize it “do not care about tax havens” and affirming that its objective is to reactivate the tourism economy.

Among the opposition, the president of the PRO, Patricía Bullrich, assured that with these types of policies the Frente de Todos will collapse, while Diego Santilli, the main candidate for deputy in the Province of Juntos, said that the government ” You are wrong if you think you will be able to influence the vote. ” (NA)

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