Free: Colectivo Huila invites a sustainable textile art school in Valparaíso

The training space for diverse audiences will be guided by the Huila Creatividad Collaborativa collective and includes workshops, laboratories and an oral narration function in the Valparaíso Cultural Park.

Learn about sustainable artistic textiles in a creative, relational, intergenerational and inclusive space, is the objective of the School of Community Textile Art. Initiative to be carried out by the Huila Creatividad Collaborative collective, with the support of the Cultural Park of Valparaíso (Ex-Prison), from January to May of this year.

“Design, textile art and oral narration become key tools to generate instances of learning, exchange, creation and connection with communities around textile reuse and care for the environment,” explains the arts graduate and co-creator of Huila, Rocío Peters. “Our intention is to strengthen artistic creation practices that install sustainable habits in our territory, enhancing the creative skills and abilities of each person,” he adds.

Members of the Huila Cedida Collective

Rocío says that they have been reflecting on the idea of ​​creating a School focused on textile art for a long time as a collective, after working for seven years with diverse communities, in different territories of the Valparaíso region. They held workshops and laboratories in which they promote creative solutions through exploration, experimentation and exchange; but also investigating new uses for clothes that are not used.

“Clothes themselves are storytellers, reusing them through art and design becomes a transcendental act. In addition to being a support for the development of a wide artistic creativity. It is a multidimensional vehicle that aims to transform new practices with our socio-environmental context that allows us to effectively achieve the necessary sustainability”, he says.


To participate in school activities no prior knowledge is required since, as Carolina Cornejo, textile designer, part of the group explains, “we like to experiment and learn from our mistakes, visualize and enhance our strengths, generously share our knowledge. First of all we respect and value the various physical and creative abilities and learning times, from dialogue and generosity, celebrating the differences that constitute us”.

The training program is aimed at children and adolescents; families and neighbors of Valparaíso; old people; released women and their children; migrant communities, and anyone who feels called to participate.

The activities are free and face-to-face, with prior registration in the online form of this link.

To know details of its programming, you can visit the Huila Collective social networks.

This activity is financed by the Fund for the Strengthening of Community Cultural Organizations 2021, Red Cultura Program.

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