François Legault continues to delude us

Like an Alain Choquette of politics, our Prime Minister excels at diverting people’s attention to keep the public’s gaze exactly where it wants!

While the CAQ is hovering in the voting intentions, Québec solidaire fantasizes about increasing its numbers and moving from the far left to a more acceptable left … while forgetting identity!

While the CAQ floats in a state of weightlessness by dint of success, the Liberal Party of Quebec, for its part, denies the language … and seems doomed to remain the party of Anglos and Allophones.

As for the PQ, it has finally found a valid candidate in Marie-Victorin. But will Pierre Nantel win?

In any case, the CAQ is dead laughing: with such “enemies”, no need for friends!


François Legault continues to delude us … with sport to hypnotize us! Now he is proclaiming his love of hockey everywhere … what an originality! He calls NHL president Gary Bettman and makes nostalgic Nordiques dream. In Montreal, he puts on the Canadiens jersey, while having a pair of skates (and we know that politicians know how to skate!). Will Legault also, while he’s at it, tell us about the Expos?

Give the people sport and they will not notice that the nation is dying quietly.


The illusionist Legault thus diverts our attention from the new law 101, not beefy at all, from the “sidjeps” (CEGEPs pronounced in English) sprayed with hundreds of millions to anglicize our own, from the increasing number of English social names, from his inert Office. of the French language and of Quebec’s place within the useless Agence de la Francophonie …

When people protest against the third link in Quebec, Legault says: “I heard you, I’m going to get to work to do better. So I wonder why our Prime Minister, so open to criticism, has such difficulty understanding the linguistic urgency …

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