Four-year-old girl dies within hours of showing symptoms of COVID-19 in Texas

Time Cook, a four-year-old girl, died asleep at home without getting medical attention, after she died for hours after presenting discomfort for COVID-19 on Galveston, Texas, different newspapers reported.

His mother, according to different media, was not vaccinated against the virus. “I was one of the people who was against, was against,” he told the outlet in Galveston, “Now, I wish I had never been”, he lamented.

“I just wanted everyone to know that it happened so quickly,” Karra Harwood said. “At 2:00 am he started to have a fever. My mom came downstairs and asked my fianc√© if he could help her with some medicine. We gave him one and at 7 in the morning he was gone. “

The girl was described as “fun and daring”, “I would rather play with worms and frogs than wear bows,” said her mother.

When the girl died, Karra and other members of her family were tested for COVID-19, which was positive. Keli reportedly started school in August, and while the school district “strongly recommends” that students and staff members cover their faces, this measure is not required.

For its part, the medical body explained that they are still investigating the causes of the contagion, because despite the fact that the minor was in a kindergarten, they have not found a relationship.

Meanwhile, the coroner mentioned that Kali tested positive for COVID-19 at the time of his death, although an autopsy will help provide more answers.

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