Fortnite ends Chapter 2 with a very special event

Epic Games has officially launched “The End,” a special event meant to end Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

Could this be the end for Fortnite ? Obviously no, Epic Games cannot leave its goose that lays the golden eggs on the side. So although the publisher announced thein-game event titled “The End”, it is by no means the end of the road for free-to-play, but simply the conclusion of the second chapter of the game. There will therefore be no season 9, contrary to what some rumors suggested, but a chapter 3.

Chapter 2 of Fortnite had been inaugurated a little over two years ago, with a staging thought out in great detail by Epic Games, which had surprised players. A black hole had appeared in the game, had sucked up the entire original island, and the app had been disconnected from the servers for a while, surprising the entire gaming community. While this seemed like a big risk-taking for Epic, in fact, users were so eager to regain their title that many hung on their screens, waiting for its return.

Things will be very different for the event “The End” announced by means of a trailer. This trailer features faces well known to users of Fortnite, advancing towards Convergence, the central point in the center of the island’s map. To close this second chapter once and for all, players will once again be faced with the Queen Cube. In order to be able to overcome it, it will be necessary to constitute large teams of 16 members, which portends an epic confrontation.

The countdown to the end of Chapter 2 has already started, but the “The End” event will actually begin. December 4 at 10 p.m.. In order to allow players to complete all their ongoing daily business, Epic Games has announced that a bonus of 225,000 experience points will be awarded to all participants who log in before the end of the current season. In addition, a special loading screen and a new weapon skin will be awarded to all players who take part in “The End”.

Lthe black hole of season 2

It remains to be seen what Epic Games has in store for players for this upcoming new chapter. It is almost certain that a new island will be set up, but users mostly expect renewal from the publisher. New game modes, new weapons, and new events would revive the machine Fortnite. For now, nothing has filtered as to what Epic has in the pipes for this chapter 3.

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