Fort Salem: Season 2 review

Series poster of the second season of the series Motherland: Fort Salem (c) Freeform

The second season of the US urban fantasy series Motherland: Fort Salem consistently develops the plot of Raelle’s gift and also gets rid of the few mistakes of the first season.

Dark in the second round

Shortly after the first season of Motherland: Fort Salem was available on Amazon Prime, the series became one of the most controversial new releases of 2020. Series creator Eliot Laurence had previously had success with the dramedy “, which aired on Joyn Primetime in GermanyClaws‘ and has now created an urban fantasy universe that has never existed in this form before. The interest was great, but after a few episodes, a little disillusionment spread.

Above all, the unnecessary fourth part (Hail Beltane), which was about a whimsical mating ritual, wasn’t fully convincing. From there it went steeply uphill and the finale (Witchbomb) ended with a nasty cliffhanger that made you want to continue. In the beginning, coming-of-age topics and the fight against the plague dominated events, but this has now changed. The show suddenly borrowed from war dramas in content and cinematography and felt darker and more mature.

New old enemies

The second season is fully dedicated to the fight against the old enemy, the Camarilla (In German: clique), which acts more and more openly and does not stop at the witches of the plague or the army. This inevitably means that the plot about the terrorist organization has to come to a reasonable end. In the first half, Nicte Batan, who Tally is looking for, turns out to be the leader of the plague.

But after the powerful witch was arrested by Raelle, Abigail and her, the authors set the course of the character again. In order to survive and win the war against the technologically well-armed fanatics of the Camarilla, new constellations are required. As a result, some secondary characters like Anacostia (Demetria McKinney) or Raelle’s ex-girlfriend Scylla (Amalia Holm) go through a developmental spurt and fortunately get more screentime. The decision is obviously good for the season, since in this way the brunt of the quite complex story does not only fall on the main characters.

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