Fornite is located in the "blacklist" de Apple

The executive president of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, announced this Wednesday that Apple informed him of this situation, the initial letter of Epic Games in the appeal before the court of the ninth circuit of the United States expires on December 12 of this year.

Apple must respond to Epic Games before January 20, 2022 so the game will remain on the “black list” for a long time, according to Sweeney this measure is anti-competitive.

The company that created the Iphone confirmed the authenticity of the letter that Sweeney shared but did not want to comment further.The US company faces several legal and regulatory challenges in the face of the rules that oblige manufacturers to follow since it charged developers up to 30 percent of commissions.

In September, Epic Games’ antitrust suit was handed over to Apple and earlier this month the California federal judge struck down some of the App Store rules.

According to the ruling, Apple can no longer force application developers to use its payment system, it cannot prohibit them from communicating with their customers with the information they provided when registering for the game, or prevent them from providing links as other means of payment. outside of the App Store application.

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