Formiga says goodbye and Brazil beats India in the International Tournament


Rain of goals to wash the soul of an awaited and painful farewell. Formiga played his last game with the Brazilian soccer team shirt, his 234th game with the hopscotch. India was supporting and won 5-1 in the debut of the International Soccer Tournament, in a match held at Arena da Amazônia.

Debinha opened the scoreboard in the first minute of the match. Giovana scored the second at the end of the first half. Ary Borges made the third at the start of the second half and Kerolin the fourth. At 30 of the second stage, Geyse scored the fifth goal. Ary Borges did more and one left the score at 6-1.

At the end of the match, the whole team from India went to give a hug and took a picture with Formiga. Admiration is universal, it breaks the barriers of nations.



Formiga started the match on the bench and only took the field 32 minutes into the second half. Debinha left to give her place to the honoree of the night. And as it couldn’t be different, Formiga entered to play in the area.

All the players on the field, the fans at the Arena da Amazônia and the whole world wanted a goal by Formiga for Brazil. She tried, but the Indian goalkeeper wouldn’t let her. Twice, Chauhan stopped the owner of the party and left the crowd with the scream of goal stuck.

In another moment, Formiga received inside the area, the ball escaped a little and she submitted over the Indian goal, killing the Brazilian fan in the heart.

The tournament

The four participating teams — Brazil, Chile, India and Venezuela — face off in a single round. The victory guarantees the team three points, while the draw adds one point. The champion of the International Women’s Football Tournament will be the one with the highest score at the end of the three rounds. After debuting against India. On Sunday (28), the match is against Venezuela, and the last duel will be against Chile, on December 1st (Wednesday).


In case of a tie, the classification will be defined according to the following criteria: better goal difference, greater number of goals scored, direct confrontation and, finally, the fair play classification. The latter follows the following rules: the team with the fewest points in relation to the number of yellow and red cards received wins.

Yellow is worth one point; the second yellow, which configures an indirect red, three points; straight red, 4 dots; and a yellow card followed by a direct red gives 5 points.

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