Former prosecutor Carlos Gajardo: “Since last year, in the great north the number of homicides has doubled”

The Government and the Public Ministry they continue to differ in the homicide rate in the country. While the Executive has assured that they fell by about 20% in 2021, the national prosecutor affirms that from the Homicide Observatory they have registered an increase in this crime in the last year.

In conversation with Radio Future, the former prosecutor Carlos Gajardo, he pointed out that “you have to believe in the figures beyond the sensations, homicides have clearly increased ”. Of course, he clarified that “The Government is far from being the cause of this.”

“Latin America is the most violent continent in the world and Chile remains within that panorama as an exception, but during the last five years it has been changing. During those years, they have increased by 43%, especially in the Metropolitan Region and the Greater North“He added.

Gajardo highlighted the situation in the northern part of the country, where “Since last year the number of homicides has doubled. It is more serious, but it is not different from the factors that affect the rest of the country. There is a deficient control in the management of arms control ”.

“The increase in homicides is linked to the use of firearms,” ​​he added in the program. Word that is news. “We have problems with arms control in our country, in the registration of weapons.” He also highlighted the enactment of the gun control law: “It is very assertive in that sense.”

And recognized a “Problem with migration, we must have better information on our neighboring countries, on criminal causes of people who enter the country. We do not have data if the person has criminal data from their country, no matter how legal or illegal they enter ”.

Listen to the full interview with Carlos Gajardo on Radio Futuro.

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