Former candidate Alirio Barrera criticizes Gustavo Petro and says that he speaks many “… vonadas”

Alirio Barrera, former governor of the department of Casanare and former presidential candidate for the Democratic Center, a government political movement that elected Óscar Iván Zuluaga as its presidential candidate, spoke out against the candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro Urrego.

Barrera, horseman and plains businessman, like the other members of the Democratic Center, has spoken out against Gustavo Petro’s proposals and this time, he has used his twitter account to speak against him.

The figure of the political opposition in Colombia and pre-candidate of the Historical Pact is in Spain carrying out the coalition international launch, for which he has received praise and criticism, and from there he has held a publicized debate through social networks with the former ICT minister, Karen Abudinen, sadly famous for the ´Centros Poblados´ scandal.

Alirio Barrera is another of the characters who has become famous for his particular way of speaking and by the tone used with which it is intended to differentiate other politicians, in a published video he assures that when he was governor in the Santos Government he was the only one who obtained great results because ‘stopped on the line’.

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The ex-governor of Casanare was launched against the leader of the political opposition, Gustavo Petro. Photo: Twitter @JAlirioBarreraR

In relation to Gustavo Petro, he criticized the different proposals he has made, as in the case of the printing of more banknotes, expropriation and affirmed that the left-wing leader could become a dictator if he wins the presidency.

“He is talking about the issues of expropriation, of making more bills, he is talking a bit of güevonadas, what do I say… or the man got it green or something is happening, ”says Barrera in the video.

Joshua Alirio Barrera Rodriguez, 45-year-old trader and rancher he was governor of Casanare between 2016 and 2019 and prides himself on being a coleus expert, the popular sport of the eastern plains.

The member of the Democratic Center affirms that Gustavo Petro promises to take from the rich to give to the poor, but they will do the same as in VenezuelaThey will take from the rich and give nothing to the poor.

“They promise to take from the rich to give to the poor; They take from the rich and give nothing to the poor. Yes, just like in Venezuela”, assured Josué Alirio Barrera.

The year is in its second week and the activity with a view to the presidential elections in March promises to become hot as the days go by, the opinions and criticisms, some strong and with a particular tone, will be the daily bread before the elections that will determine who will succeed Iván Duque Márquez as the new tenant of the Casa de Nariño.

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