Former Big Brother returned to playing to the limit to exhibit “the forms of each day”

White colaless with adjustable straps, tattooed back and her short blonde hair were enough for Marianela Mirra (37) to turn on the temperature of social networks, so her fans did not take long to react.

“The ways of every day. . . What else then?” The former Big Brother wrote in the post she made on her Instagram account that has more than a thousand likes. “Beauty of sight”, “Goddess !!! Hugs “,” You are an exotic beauty “,” Beautiful, perfect and unique “and” To put it in a painting “, were just some of the comments.

Although she has been away from the media for several years, she has not lost popularity. Is that, Marianela is still in the news for the sensual publications she makes.

Loved and hated at the same time for being a participant in different scandals, such as when her exchange of hot messages with journalist Jorge Rial came to light while he was in a relationship with Mariana “Loly” Antoniale. The woman from Tucumán took a step to the side and opted for a lower profile.

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