Forget the third dose

On August 31, in this same space, we titled our collaboration: Before ‘reinforcement’, vaccines for everyone. We made reference to the controversy in the scientific world, because the research is not yet conclusive on the scope of the two vaccines supplied – in terms of duration and real effectiveness – and because the dilemma arises whether to reinforce the protection of those who are already vaccinated or to give it priority to those who have not received any dose.

The recommendation that the World Health Organization (WHO) made at the end of last month was for those who already apply the third dose -as is the case in Israel- and for those who already plan it from next month -the United States-. The conclusion to the reflection was that from the point of view it is seen, the privileged situation of having residence in a first-world country -which are the ones that have more access to inoculations- should not be an exclusive benefit to be recipient of the ‘booster’ protection, when the first vaccine must be a right for all human beings. That is why the WHO proposal makes sense and should be listened to carefully and implemented as soon as possible.

Well, this weekend the results of an investigation by scientists from the World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration ( FDA), where they conclude that there is no solid proof that it is necessary to apply a third dose of the vaccine, since according to clinical trials on the effectiveness of those applied now, they show that they are a highly efficient drug in against the new variants that have emerged in recent months.

The report says verbatim that “The body of evidence accumulated so far seems to show that there is no need for a third dose in the general population, since its protection against serious disease is still high.”

“Given the limited number of vaccines available, more lives will be saved if we give them to those who have a higher risk of covid, which are those who have not yet received a dose,” said Ana Maria Henao, head of research at the WHO.

So what was a recommendation of the highest body of world health becomes a scientific conclusion, which will allow some countries to revalue the third application of a vaccine and thus be able to redirect them to regions of the world where the inoculation is very low or it simply has not arrived, and where there are 5,300 million people – of the almost 7,915 million that we inhabit the planet – who have not yet received it. What do you think?


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