For the first time, more than a thousand cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Misiones in one day and a person who did not complete the vaccination schedule died

The Health Ministry confirmed 1,097 cases of coronavirus in Misiones this Thursday, a new peak during the pandemic, and one death from the disease was reported in the last 24 hours. In this way, the province reached 45,242 infections and fatalities totaled 724.

Missions registers 6209 active cases

The deceased today is a patient with comorbidities who did not complete the vaccination schedule, according to the Health Ministry.

With 94 boarding schools, currently there are 6209 active cases in the province.

The increase in coronavirus cases in Misiones in the last 2 weeks. Source: Google

There are also 38,309 people who overcame the disease in Tierra Colorada.

If you have any symptoms, call 0800-444-3400 or download the ALEGRAMED MISIONES Application – In case of emergencies, call 107.

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