For Enrique Vaquié, the new hydrocarbons law will not benefit Mendoza

The project has been in the works for months but Minister Vaquié received it only on Tuesday, they reported from the press. “It is complex, it has more than 100 articles, it creates three different regimes, two programs, two funds, a trust, a commission and a council,” he said.

“If I am not mistaken, it is the seventh incentive program for hydrocarbon investment in the last eight years and it still does not solve the underlying problem of all this, which is the stability, macroeconomic conditions and predictability of the country”, highlighted the official.

“I am very concerned that the national government has made it clear that the main objective is to obtain foreign exchange. This hurts Mendoza, because it is a province that is not dedicated to exporting oil and gas”, He explained.

“We are going to be relegated in the general context”, He anticipated, although he said that what Fernández, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, and the Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, presented is so complicated that it must be studied point by point to defend regional economies.

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“The second point that worries me is that there is progress in the enforcement authority of the national government over the provinces,” he added. “These are advances on provincial decisions. There are very complex articles, such as, for example, if there are two areas, one for oil exploitation and the other for exploration, they can be merged without the province, owner of the basin, participating.”, The Mendoza minister added.

This will clearly favor large oil companies against SMEs in the sector.. It can be good in terms of the investments that can be made in the Luján refinery, because the interested party is YPF, but for the rest of Mendoza it is not useful, “he concluded.

The repeated requests of Mendoza and the example of Mendoza Activa

Mendoza, together with the provinces of the Federal Organization of Hydrocarbon Producing States, have been requesting since March and in repeated meetings to have participation in the project that was being developed, which is now entering the National Congress.

At the first meeting, in March 2021, Mendoza made a clear request: “The provinces express the need to be incorporated early in the discussion of the initiatives. Today there is talk of a law to promote hydrocarbon production and we want to incorporate not only the vision of the national government but also a federal vision. It cannot be that discussions on conjunctural events such as variations in the exchange rate or the price of a barrel are carried out only between the oil operators and the national government ”.

Throughout the year and on repeated occasions, a federal look at the project that was being developed was requested again: Mendoza’s last request with the rest of the provinces was made at the end of August and the Government of Mendoza even offered to contribute experiences , such as Mendoza Activa Hidrocarburos.

Thanks to this program, the province mobilized in eight months more than $ 6,000 million in local investments, generating Mendoza employment and placing special emphasis on the reactivation of small players in a sector that represents almost a quarter of the Gross Geographic Product of the local economy. between drilling, exploitation, exploration and related services.

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