For Cornejo, “arming women would be like the State renouncing the role of security”

At International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the security minister, Abel Cornejo, referred to the action plan to combat the problem.

On the occasion, she criticized the project of councilor Romina Arroyos that proposes that the State provide women with a safety kit with pepper spray and a taser gun. “Arming women would be like the state giving up the role of security. We must work on prevention, monitor the aggressors, and in the event that it is necessary to monitor the aggressor and the possible victim, ”he said.

Cornejo said that part of one of the strategic objectives of the security plan until 2023, among others, is the creaction of the General Directorate of Gender within the Salta Police. “We are going to have a very active policy in this regard, seeking prevention, where we hope to have the support of the public prosecutor and the judiciary. The police response has to be immediate, the accompaniment of the justice system and the work coordinated with other ministries, ”he said.

The minister stressed the need for processes to be streamlined “in such a way that there is no longer any hesitation in qualifying causes when a woman is killed whether or not it is femicide. We have signed a United Nations Spotlight treaty, where there is a protocol to follow in the case where there is a dead woman if or if it should be labeled as femicide until proven otherwise”.

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On comprehensive sex educationCornejo considered that it should be mandatory, “there must be psycho-pedagogical cabinets in all schools, from the first grades it is necessary to teach about equal rights that women have.”

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