Footage shows Jake Paul punching the ‘fight’ cage ahead of future MMA debut

Others also noticed a clip that surfaced a few years ago, in which Paul can be seen tapping during a cage fight with Brazilian-American star AJ Agazarm.

Posting the footage to Reddit last month, one user wrote: ‘A lot of people forget that Jake Paul was topped by AJ Agazarm who fights at 145 and Jake is around 190lbs that’s why Jake doesn’t want fight in MMA or fight anyone his size.

According to the Mirror, the clip was from May 2017 – and was originally posted on Paul’s YouTube channel, which had amassed five million subscribers in just six months after switching to Vine’s platform.

Credit: YouTube/Jake Paul

In the now-deleted video, Paul joked that taking on a UFC fighter was on his ‘bucket list’, the irony being that in the years since he’s done it three times, after having fought Tyron Woodley twice and Ben Askren once.

While Agazarm had yet to make his professional Bellator debut at the time, he was clearly dominating by controlling the fight from the top, despite being four inches shorter and having fought as low as 46 pounds below Paul’s weight.

Meanwhile, Paul’s entourage cheered him on the edge of the cage saying, “You got that! »

Trying to stop himself from being tagged repeatedly, it soon became clear that he might not quite have that – probably not helped by the fact that he was seen eating donuts between rounds.

Credit: YouTube/Jake Paul
Credit: YouTube/Jake Paul

After tapping, Paul joked to his opponent from the floor, “You are good! You’re good at this stuff.

But the YouTuber might not have been as useless as he claimed, with Agazarm admitting on camera: “He put me in the eye… He’s a big boy. »

After Agazarm was officially named the winner by submission, Paul reflected on the fight saying, “He was hitting me in the side of the head, I don’t know if I can see right now. »

He then asked, “How do I look?” Did I look like crap? »

Unsurprisingly, Paul was singled out by fans for his performance against Agazarm, especially after constantly calling out Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis.

A YouTube commenter wrote: “Getting ridden by one of the best grapplers in the world, friends yell ‘JAKE ESCAPE!’ Like, how? LOL. »

Someone else said, “Dude’s in an armband, his homie next door: ‘You almost got it!’ LOL. What a prankster. »

A third added: “It was fun watching Jake get his ass kicked, even though it’s pretty easy. »

Notice, it’s been several years now since the clip was shot, and it’s safe to say many happened – especially after Paul’s victory over Deji Olatunji in 2018.

Maybe Paul’s recent training really got him into shape – weird things have happened, let’s face it.

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