Food: 3 healthy snack options for back to school

The controversial return to face-to-face classes has brought back one of the main concerns of responsible parents who seek that the little ones lead a healthy lifestyle What do children eat when they are not at home?

Undoubtedly, the hurried lifestyle that we are gradually recovering after the start of the pandemic makes it difficult to find options for snacks healthy, so many tend to take the “easy way” and choose junk foods that harm the health of the little ones.

These are some snacks healthy that do not require much time to prepare and are just as beneficial for the body as other conventional breakfasts.

Celery with peanut butter

Celery is a nutrient-rich, diuretic, vegetable that helps lower blood pressure and prevents constipation. Cut celery into small slices and serve with reduced sugar peanut butter.

Frozen grapes

Frozen grapes help a lot to calm the feeling of hunger in a rich and healthy way.


Raw nuts and seeds

As simple as it may seem, a mix of seeds such as almonds and walnuts, accompanied by blueberries, is the best ally to combat hunger between meals.




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