Foo Fighters and their first movie

Who follow Foo Fighters (They come to Argentina in March for the Lollapalooza) they know that theirtrionics are plenty. Up or down the stage, the band that leads Dave Grohl He has a good time thinking about his video clips and making appearances on television and now they wanted to take the idea a little further.

Thus arose Studio 666, a comic film starring the musicians of which today we have the first trailer. The synopsis explains: “In Studio 666, the members of Foo Fighters move to a mysterious mansion to work on their new album. However, things get complicated when evil forces threaten to destroy the members of the group.”

It won’t be long before we can see the film since it will premiere on February 28, but while we wait for the full version, the trailer gives us an interesting idea of ​​what the first film production of the band will be like.

STUDIO 666 | 2022 | Official Trailer HD

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