Following Four SMA Charges: Watt’s Delivers Pollution Compliance Program To The Damas River

The company Watt’s presented the compliance program before the accusations filed by the Superintendency of the Environment, regarding four charges for environmental damage to the Damas River in Osorno, in the Los Lagos region.

These are official locations for charges related to: the unloading of riles with exceeding parameters, repeatedly between the years 2019 and 2020; poorly operate the Treatment Plant; not carry out chlorination or hypochlorite control of the Riles prior to discharge to the Damas River, among others.

To this is added do not report inactivity of the ultrasonic flow meter equipment for condensate waters, considered “very serious” by the inspection body.

Cristóbal de la Maza, Superintendent of the Environment, emphasized that the charges are for breaches of the company’s obligations and the effects on pollution that I am had on the Damas River.

Through the Environmental Enforcement Information System, the company reported the delivery of the compliance program, as established by law, pending resolution of the SMA.

The goals they seek are “to return to the state of regulatory compliance with the operational parameters of the design of the Riles Treatment Plant and approved in the Resolution of the Monitoring Program.” Add as commitments, “Do not discharge water that exceeds the limits established in the Resolution, avoiding the production of bad odors ”.

“Comply with the delivery of 100% of the reports committed to the Superintendency of the Environment”, “study the conditions of the Damas river at the discharge point in order to carry out, if necessary, a cleaning in the sector” and “no produce the whitish effect as a result of the discharge into the river ”, are other of the company’s goals, set forth in the compliance plan.

In this context, the president of the Environmental Commission of the Regional Council, Francisco Reyes, said that from the collegiate body They will request no impunity for the facts.

As reported by the company, the total estimated cost of this compliance program is 965 million 266 thousand 721.

Finally, the Superintendency of the Environment communicated that the document containing the compliance program is being reviewed by the prosecutor instructing the case, where it must be verified that meet the criteria required by law to be approved, in a comprehensive and effective way, to return to the training process.

In this process, the SMA can make observations to the company to take charge of correcting and completing said program.

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