Florida overflows with COVID-19: 125,996 infections and 182 deaths in two days

The state of Florida had a weekend with alarming numbers on the coronavirus, reporting 125,996 new positive cases and 182 additional deaths from the disease, between Saturday and Sunday.

According to estimates of Miami herald, based on data reported by the Florida Department of Health and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this monday, only on saturday there was 77,156 additional cases.

69% of the people who were reported to the CDC as deceased died during the last 14 days, according to the calculations of the publication, which adds that, during the week, on average, the state has added 38 deaths and 64,363 cases each day.

In the last three weeks, the seven-day average of aggregate cases has risen 660%. In all, 4,759,073 people have tested positive for COVID and 62,810 people have died, according to the most recent figures from the CDC.

Florida reported a record 397,114 new COVID-19 cases for the week of December 31 to January 6, averaging more than 56,000 daily, other local media pointed out. The positivity rate for new cases statewide last week was 31.2%, the highest on record during the pandemic, compared to 26.6% the previous week.

Until mid-December, that positivity rate was below 3% for several weeks. The total recorded cases do not include people who have tests done at home and then do not report their results to health officials.

This Monday, Albert Bourla, CEO of the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, said that a vaccine against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, by the company, could be ready next March.

“The hope is that we will achieve something that has much, much better protection, particularly against infections, because protection against hospitalizations and serious illness is reasonable right now with current vaccines, as long as the person has the third dose.” He said.

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