Florida Border Patrol to Cubans: "Do not embark"

The Border Protection Patrol of the state of Florida, in the United States, warned migrants trying to reach the territory by sea on Wednesday that the authorities remain vigilant to attempts to enter irregularly.

“The Florida Border Patrol monitors attempts to land illegally off the southeastern coasts of the United States. Do not fool yourself and do not embark, “says the agency in a tweet where it shares images of intercepted rustic boats and a link to a note from Telemundo about 52 Cuban rafters who remain in the custody of the authorities.

According to the media, the migrants from the island were captured over the weekend by the Border Protection Patrol. Four of them, who had departed from Cojímar, in Havana, arrived at Big Pine Key in a rustic boat.

Others 17 Cubans arrived in Key West on a raft and the 32 are also cited, including four minors and two pregnant women, who were discovered after a traffic stop while traveling hidden inside a boat, towed by a car. All were taken into custody.

The incident occurred in Monroe County, Florida. “They are in an expedited deportation process, and that is what forces them to establish the so-called credible fear and if they show it they can see an immigration judge to ask for asylum,” explained Eduardo Soto, a lawyer specializing in immigration.

“Rustic boats and rafts are sometimes overloaded and dangerous for navigation. The state of the sea can be very dangerous at this time of year ”, warned Adam Hoffner, from the Border Protection Patrol.

During the last few months, when the crisis in Cuba has worsened, the interceptions of migrants from the archipelago trying to reach the United States through its borders have increased significantly, compared to previous periods.

Last fiscal year, which ended on October 1, closed with 838 migrants detected by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), a figure much higher than the 49 Cubans reported in the previous year, despite warnings from the authorities of the United States. The US that such crossings not only pose a danger to the lives of their crew, but also have very high chances of deportation.

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