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flower pole She appeared at Mujeres al command this Friday, January 14, to give details of her upcoming projects for her dress brand. In addition, she was consulted about her recent marital crisis with Néstor Villanueva; However, the businesswoman was surprised to learn that Melissa Paredes was hosting the morning show on Latina television.

Susy Díaz’s daughter did not hesitate to support the actress after she was separated from America today. “I wish her the best, the truth is that I admire her. She is a girl who, like everyone else, has had a bad time. We all make mistakes in life and we deserve an opportunity,” he said in an interview for El Popular.

On the other hand, the businesswoman did not rule out the possibility of leading the América Televisión magazine alongside Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza, since she has always come to the set as a special guest. “They always invite me and I am happy to be there. Why not? I would like to (present a program)”, he specified.


Annoying cheerleader with Thais Casalino during live interview

The host of Women in command Thaís Casalino took advantage of Flor Polo’s presence to ask her about her relationship with Néstor Villanueva. The journalist was very insistent with her queries and, apparently, this treatment did not please Susy Díaz’s daughter. “I prefer not to give more details, it’s my private life, what happens stays between us… that you understand,” he mentioned with some annoyance in front of Thais Casalino.

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Flor Polo reveals that she is focused only on her children

The businesswoman has made it clear that she does not want to talk about her still husband, Néstor Villanueva, because she is focused on her children. “I always put my prayers (on social networks), not only for what I am going through, but for what many people are going through (…). Right now I am calm, focused on my work, on my children, on continuing to grow as a woman, on getting rid of the dirt for my children and continuing to get ahead as it should be, “he said.

Flor Polo and Néstor Villanueva continue to go through a crisis in their marriage. Photo: composition/ The Republic

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