Floods kill at least 84 people in Sudan

The authorities of the Republic of the Sudan indicated that the floods left more than 80 people dead. The heavy rains also affected thousands of residences in different regions of the African country. This was indicated by the Sudanese civil defense spokesman Abdel Jalil Abdelreheem.

The start of the rainy season caused “A total of 84 people died and another 67 were injured”. The figures correspond to those that occurred in eleven states of Sudan. The spokesman said that the deaths were caused by drowning, electrocution or the collapse of the house.

Sudanese officials said that some 8,400 houses were destroyed and more than 27,200 were damaged. The northeastern African country regularly registers rains between June and October. Given the conditions, they face floods every year that affect and destroy homes, infrastructure and crops.

United Nations identifies that in Sudan some 102,000 inhabitants have been affected by the rains and floods since July. Falling water in 2020 prompted the Sudanese government to declare a state of emergency for three months. Last year 650,000 people and more than 110,000 houses were affected.

German wave reports that the UN presented a report on the environmental crisis in that nation. The document states that some 65,000 people were displaced and that the refugee camps were flooded. In addition, about 50 residents were submerged in the southern part of Sudan.

A Sudanese navigates to mobilize in an area of ​​the capital Khartoum

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