Flensburg residents who are weakened by replacement win in Bucharest

SG Flensburg-Handewitt defied all corona problems and celebrated an important victory in the preliminary round of the Champions League.

Flensburger Top Scorer: Aaron Mensing.

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At the Romanian champions Dinamo Bucharest, the Bundesliga team won 28:20 (13:13) on Thursday, and thanks to the success, the North Germans improved to fifth in Group B. With nine goals, Aaron Mensing played a decisive role in the victory. For Bucharest, Raul Nantes and Valentin Ghionea were each successful five times.

In addition to Magnus Röd, who was again injured in his knee, the coaching duo Maik Machulla and Mark Bult and circuit runner Simon Hald, who had breakthroughs in vaccinations, were also absent from Flensburg, playmaker Jim Gottfridsson and right-winger Hampus Wanne were also absent. The club did not confirm that the two Swedes are the other two of the five corona victims.

Under the direction of Oberliga coach Michael Jacobsen, who was supported on the bench by former national player Holger Glandorf, the Flensburg rump squad got off to a good start. Circle runner Johannes Golla scored the 6: 4 lead in the ninth minute. The game remained open until shortly after the break. Based on strong saves by goalkeeper Benjamin Buric, the SG then took a decisive advantage at 21:15 (47th).


Dinamo Bucharest – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 20:28 (13:13)
Tore Dinamo Bucharest: Ghionea 5/1, Nantes 5, Mamdouh Shebib 4, Alouini 1, Gavriloaia 1, Gurbindo 1, Mousavi 1, Pascual Garcia 1, Racotea 1
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Mensing 9, EM Jakobsen 5, Larsen 5, Einarsson 4, Golla 3, Lindskog 1, Svan 1
Referee: Vaclav Horacek (Czech Republic) / Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic)
Penalty minutes: 4 / 8
Disqualification: – / –

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