Five short ones: Arrived safely at home

Image: Manufacturer


Anyone who stays in hotels that have a breakfast buffet where guests draw their own coffee has probably already used a WMF fully automatic machine. You can stay at home for this from the end of January. The WMF Perfection is a new attempt by the company to hold its own against the competition with a machine for the home sector. It has similar functions to their models: more than a dozen beverage options, user profiles, a touch-sensitive screen, a large two-liter water tank and a container for 250 grams of beans. Thanks to the thermoblock, the Perfection will be ready to go in a few minutes. WMF will offer four models. It starts from 1600 euros. In a few weeks, the 880L will be available in Germany for 1900 euros and will then be available in the editorial office as a test device. (made)

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