Five finalists for the Femina Prize

(Paris) The jury of the Femina Prize has retained five novels in its last selection, excluding among others those of Christine Angot or Abel Quentin, he announced Wednesday.

The finalists are Clara Dupont-Monod, Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, Thomas B. Reverdy, Nina Bouraoui and Mohamed Mbougar Sarr.

In the foreign novel as in the essay, five titles were also selected by this exclusively female jury.

These three Femina prizes must be awarded on October 25 at the Carnavalet museum in Paris.

French novels

• Nina Bouraoui, Satisfaction (JC Lattès)

• Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, The son of the man (Gallimard)

• Clara Dupont-Monod, S’adapter (Stock)

• Thomas B. Reverdy, Climax (Flammarion)

• Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, The most secret memory of men (Philippe Rey)

Foreign novels

• Ahmet Altan, Madame Hayat (South Acts, Turkey)

• Jan Carson, The Fire Throwers (Sabine Wespieser, United Kingdom)

• Daniel Loedel, Hades, Argentina (La Croisée, United States)

• Joyce Maynard, Where happy people lived (Philippe Rey, United States)

• Leonardo Padura, Dust in the wind (Métailié, Cuba)


• Frédéric Gros, Shame is a revolutionary feeling (Albin Michel)

• Claude Habib, The trans question (Gallimard)

• Arthur Lochmann, Touch the vertigo (Flammarion)

• Amos Reichman, Jacques Schiffrin, an editor in exile (Threshold)

• Perrine Simon-Nahum, Modern unreason (The Observatory)

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