First his brother disappeared and now they shot him at his girlfriend’s house: they point to a narco gang

Maximiliano with his brother Yair Leonel León, who has been missing since last October 23.

A 23-year-old bricklayer was killed this Wednesday at dusk at his girlfriend’s house in the Carne neighborhood, police sources said. Neighbors and relatives told the investigators that the young man was threatened by members of a drug gang operating in the area, who demanded that he sell drugs for them, otherwise they would kill him. The victim is Maximiliano Gastón Córdoba, brother of Yair Leonel León, the 15-year-old boy who has been missing for a month when he left his home in the southern area and never returned. His family made marches to ask for his appearance, they maintain that they took him away and did not hesitate to connect him with the crime of Maximiliano.

According to spokesmen for the Regional Unit II, the homicidal attack occurred shortly after 7 p.m. this Wednesday in the Escalante area at 6500 (Buenos Aires at the same height), almost Boquerón.

According to the investigation, Maximiliano was at the door of his girlfriend’s house with neighbors and relatives when he was surprised by one of the attackers who got off a motorcycle and opened fire on him.

“They went straight to look for him. The motorcycle driver stopped in front of the home and the passenger got out determined to kill him, ”the prosecutor in the case, Patricio Saldutti, told the press from the scene of the crime.

The judicial official added that “the victim barely noticed the situation began to run to get into the house and the armed man ran him off and shot him in two batches,” after which he got back on the motorcycle and next to the accomplice, who never got off the bike, escaped at high speed.

For Saldutti “it is clear that they were going against the victim because there were relatives and neighbors in the place and they did not shoot at any other person,” he said.

Córdoba was left lying on the sidewalk and the experts determined that he had multiple gunshot wounds, one of which hit him in the head and caused his death almost on the spot.

From the crime scene, the experts seized 12 9-millimeter caliber pods and the young man’s corpse was transferred to the Medical Legal Institute (IML) for a rigorous autopsy.

As the hours passed, the investigations expanded the information on one of the hypotheses of the crime motive that deals with a revenge carried out by gunmen who respond to a drug gang in the area, so they investigate the previous threats that he had received, such as said his relatives.

Among the measures ordered by the prosecutor that aim to determine the motivations of the crime is the taking of testimonies from neighbors and relatives, who told the investigators that the victim was threatened by members of a gang that operates in the area, who demanded that he he worked for them selling drugs, otherwise they would kill him.

One month without news from Yair

According to the testimonies, the victim was a bricklayer, lived in that neighborhood and had gone to visit his girlfriend, with whom they had a young son. Maximiliano was the brother of Yair Leonel León and he was in the demonstrations that his family made in the Criminal Justice Center and near his home in the southern zone to demand that they look for him. The 15-year-old boy was last seen on Saturday night, October 23, in a square near Guillermo Tell (on 529 Street) and Lozzia.

Hours of despair for the family of a boy who was last seen on Saturday

From the outset, the adolescent’s environment indicated that two minors may be involved in the disappearance. In one of the demonstrations, Lorena Correa, the youth’s mother, asked her son to return. “He never left like this; we don’t know anything, ”her mother said between sobs.

Regarding the two teenagers whom the family points out for a possible relationship with the disappearance, Lorena said: “They say that Yair went to meet a girl in a square near the Casino, but we never found her name.”

The woman added that the last time someone saw her son was in the Plaza de Guillermo Tell y Lozzia, around 9 p.m. on that Saturday, October 23.

Maximiliano Córdoba never stopped writing on social networks to ask for the appearance of his brother Yair. The last post on the social network Facebook was on November 8: “I miss you, I love you, I adore you. I can’t stop thinking about you bb. My crazy cute brother. I need you so much crazy, I still can’t understand how you left with that gile traitors. Send me all the strength to do justice little brother. Aká I will always be crazy for you ”, wrote Maximiliano who accompanied with a photo to spread.

Yesterday, in the midst of the commotion, Lorena also made her release on the networks: “What a great pain, how can it be that my son is killed like this. First they took my 15-year-old baby like nothing. Now my son Gastón has left. Where is the justice? What people, they destroyed our lives. That bad. They destroyed me in a thousand pieces but God help me I ask you please a destroyed family. I can’t understand what fucking people ”.

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