First day of operation leaves 18 reprimanded bars

The first day of the new sanitary measures by COVID-19, the Guadalajara City Council reprimanded 18 bars for non-compliance.

As part of the new measures due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in Jalisco, Since yesterday, the vaccination certificate or negative PCR test began to be requested with a maximum validity of 48 hours.However, after an operation to verify it, the mayor’s office sanctioned them for not asking for the documents.

Miguel Ángel Mora, director of Special Schedules for Inspection and Surveillance, pointed out that Supervision is permanent and will focus on nightclubs in the Chapultepec, Providencia, López Mateos, Circunvalación and Ávila Camacho corridors..

This medium documented that the measure was unknown to customers and generated inconvenience.

Even bar staff helped them obtain it.



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