The first batch of vaccines against Covid-19 for children arrived in Paraná around 1:50 pm this Friday (14). Initially, the shipment was supposed to arrive in the morning at Afonso Pena Airport, in São José dos Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, but it ended up being postponed by the Ministry of Health.

Photo: Geraldo Bubniak / AEN

Vaccines are intended for children aged 5 to 11 years. The doses now go to the Medicines Center of Paraná (Cemepar) and, later, decentralized to the municipalities.

In the early hours of Thursday (13), Brazil received the first batch of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine against Covid-19 for the age group.

The Ministry of Health estimates 1,075,294 children in Paraná. Vaccination is provided for in Technical Note No. 2/2022, published on January 5th by the Ministry of Health. Children were included in the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19, within the scope of the National Immunization Program ( NIBP).

Vaccine application

Immunization will meet similar guidelines as adults. It will be started by children with comorbidities and permanent disabilities, followed by indigenous people and quilombolas, those who live in homes with people at high risk for severe development of Covid-19, and then, in descending order of age: starting at 11 years old until reaching the age of 11. 5 years.

First child vaccinated

The first child vaccinated in Brazil was an 8-year-old indigenous boy. Davi Seremramiwe Xavante lives in the state of São Paulo, where he is being treated for a genetic disease. He was immunized at Hospital das Clínicas, in São Paulo.