Financial crisis in company leaves workers without salary and postponed housing in Puerto Montt

On the verge of bankruptcy is the COEX company, in charge of three housing complexes in Puerto Montt that have stopped their construction due to lack of liquidity. In addition to not delivering future homes for families, there are 60 workers who have not received their salaries. The Serviu assured that the financial crisis of the construction company was not predictable.

The Ministry of Housing assured that the complex financial situation affecting the construction company COEX was not predictable that paralyzed the progress of three social housing complexes in Puerto Montt.

A week ago, the residents of Puerto Montt who would live in “Portal Altos de Mirasol 1 and 2”, in addition to “Vista Cordillera” in Alerce, learned that theThe construction company COEX was in a crisis of such magnitude that it forced them to stop work in both sectors and notify its employees that the firm is about to close.

On the verge of bankruptcy, say the most pessimists who see with anxiety and nervousness how the dream of their own home does not come, considering that the first apartment buildings were to be delivered in January. They are already 9 months behind.

The seremi of Housing, Jorge Guevara, said that the complicated scenario that COEX is going through was not predictable, since until September tours were made with the future owners.

He also said that he did not participate in the meeting between the Serviu and the company since it was a technical appointment, also declassifying that on Tuesday he met with leaders of those affected.

What’s more, There are about 60 workers who have not received payment of salaries, taxes and do not have spaces to continue working.or, therefore, there are some contractors who have unilaterally terminated the relationship with COEX to initiate actions in court.

From the Labor Directorate, they commented that since last week they have not been able to make contact with any leadership, as reported by the deputy head of the office in the region, Ernesto Morales.

He added that they regularly go to the addresses that appear in contracts or go to the offices that the workers report, where they have not been able to find anyone who can help solve the trap.

The Radio went to the works where there was only one guard and they could not locate anyone from COEX to tell them what their reality is.

For now, It remains to wait for it to be resolved in the Serviu to know if the continuation of the firm that suffers a latent problem due to the increases in the costs of the work is viable or are replaced by a company that has liquidity.

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