Final Fantasy Origin will take up over 70GB on PS5

The game will launch on March 18th, with early access on the 15th for those who pre-order

Anyone wanting to play Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise on Playstation 5 will need to guarantee free space on the console. According to what has been announced, the new Square Enix game will occupy more than 70GB no SSD do PS5. Storage space does not take into account the day one update patch.

The information was revealed, through Twitter, by the Playstation Game Size. Responsible for detecting and disclosing updates in the PSN databases, Playstation Game Size revealed that the game will have about 71.50GB and that the pre-load from March 13th.

with date of release scheduled for March 18, Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise comes to Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Whoever guaranteed the pre-sale will have early game access, which starts from the day March, 15.

Final Fantasy Origin will have a wide variety of classes

Recently, Square Enix through the game’s official Twitter account, revealed a little more about the classes that can be used in the game. In FF Origin it will be possible to use a wide variety of classes to fight enemies. They can be changed easily, adjusting the gameplay to new challenges.

In the videos below, we can learn a little more about the classes: White Mage, Red Mage, Samurai, Dragoon, Marauder, Boxer, Duelist and Swordsman

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With everything that has been revealed so far, the game features a good variety of classes and equipment, with the intention of making gameplay more dynamic. Final Fantasy Origin will be linked to the first game in the franchise, which turned 34 in December 2021. According to the game’s producer, Jin Fujiwara, in FF Origin will be explored more of the history of the first great villain from the Final Fantasy franchise.


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