Filipe Ret talks about possible collaboration with Anitta

Filipe Ret played the right on his Instagram account

Filipe Ret, one of the biggest names in the national rap scene and influence for several artists of the new generation, has always been very active with his fans on social networks. Now, he gave a statement this Friday afternoon (10), which left not only his fans excited, but also the audience of the Brazilian and now international super singer Anitta.

It turns out that the rapper was interacting with his fans through the famous “question box” on his official Instagram account. Among questions about his career, opinions and future projects, one question left the audience excited. An internet user questioned the artist if there was any possibility of a musical collaboration between him and Anitta. Right was very direct in his response: “I close and I know she closes too. Eventually the bb is born”, he said.

Recently Right acted as creative director of the mini-documentary “Tributo ao TTK” which is on the Amazon Music app and on the streaming service’s YouTube page. The production shows how rap grew in the Catete neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro, and counts with the participation of important names in the music scene, such as Marcelo D2, Akira Presidente, BK and Sain,

Already Anitta You just got a combo to call your own. Fast food chain Burguer King, in the United States, launched a series of combos with limited editions, including Larissa Machado’s. The combos, where each one has the real name of a musician, are part of the Keep It Real Meals campaign, which aims to ban more than 120 artificial ingredients from the menu.

Check out the rapper’s comment:

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