Filipe Ret buys an armored BMW X6 valued at R$1 million

Filipe Ret even put his Audi up for sale

Filipe Ret is at a thriving moment in his career, with innovative musicianship, and projects that are the envy of any entrepreneur and artist. The singer started his marijuana growing business in the United States, in addition to taking his tour to the country, and showing that there is also an audience for the rapper there in the US.

This week, he took to his social media to show that he fulfilled one of his dreams and managed to buy an armored BMW X6. Recently, Right announced that he wants to release his 1st book “O Seller of Verses”. “Many fans idolize me and sometimes even attribute spiritual qualities to me. I like and respect, but without false modesty, I see myself as a salesman of verses. (Not just a verse maker, because the verse maker might not live off of them, I always wanted to live off mine),” he began to write.


“I’m going to talk about childhood, family, catete, rhyming battles, tudubom, albums, addictions, favela shows, fatherhood, marriage, record label, trap, nadamal, EUAtour, ret kush, millionaire monthly billing, just hot info. It’s 20 years creating verses, 10 years living $ of them and the next 10 too. I will help other talented mulekes to live off theirs as well”, commented Filipe Ret about his future book ‘O Vendor de Versos’”, he explained.

The rapper confirmed that he will be in the new Poesia Acústica. This will be the third time that the rapper will be participating in a Poesia, as he was present in the 6th and 9th edition of the project. In case you didn’t know, the 6th edition is one of the most popular of Poesia Acústica.

Check out the video below:

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