FIFA wants $1 billion every 4 years for brand use in EA Sports game

The current deal requires $150 million per year

A EA Sports has used the FIFA name in their football game since 1993 and since then, one game a year has come out for consoles and PCs. Recently, EA had announced that would change name from 2023 and it would be for EA Sports FC, second record in Europe. Now, according to the New York Times, a The developer’s decision may be due to the new contract value charged by FIFA itself.

According to Cam Weber, executive of EA Sports, the contract renewal between FIFA and the developer did not go ahead because of requirement of one billion dollars every four years by FIFA so that EA can continue to use the brand in their games. The attempt to close this deal has been going on for at least two years, according to New York Times sources.

The new value is more than double and this change is due to the growing success of EA’s FIFA games, which have already passed the home of the $20 billion in profit. The current agreement, which is coming to an end, requires EA to pay FIFA 150 million dollars a year. The huge revenue that the game generates for the studio caught the attention of FIFA.

Cam Weber says that the possibility of breaking a permanent contract is should happen after the next World Cup in Qatar, which also ends the 10-year contract. According to him, EA Sports is “exploring the idea of ​​renaming” the franchise and, as mentioned above, it must be for EA Sports FC, according to a patent registered in the UK and European Union.

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The increase in EA’s revenue grew exponentially after the franchise received the only Ultimate Team (FUT), which allows the player to form their dream team through cards obtained in lootboxes, which can be bought with real money, or with a lot of grinding to generate the game currency. EA also makes big money from the successful Madden NFL series.


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Via: Gamerant Source: New York Times

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