FIFA quartet extended: TSG relies on continuity

TSG Hoffenheim announced the contract extension with its four FIFA professionals on Thursday, and in Kraichgau the focus is on virtual continuity.

The Hoffenheim FIFA quartet will be held together for the 2021/22 season.

TSG Hoffenheim

Founded in late summer 2020, TSG eSPORTS started the first VBL Club Championship season just a few weeks later. After minor teething problems, the Hoffenheim team got better and better in the course of the regular playing time, and in the end they achieved a strong fourth place in the South-East division – and they made it into the Final Chance round.

There the slightly favored Bayer 04 Leverkusen was beaten by the German runner-up at the time, Kai ‘deto’ Wollin, who has since ended his active career. And although it was not enough to reach the knockout phase in the big final of the club competition as a third party in the group, the performance as one of the six best German clubs can be considered a success.

‘Bassinho’ and ‘Lukas_1004’ remain in the first row

Especially Jan-Luca ‘Bassinho’ Baß and Lukas ‘Lukas_1004’ Seiler, who had already gained their experience in the Club Championship for VfL Bochum and VfB Stuttgart, contributed to a remarkable first season at TSG. With 15 wins each, both moved into the top 10 of the south-east players in this regard, and the balance in the squad made Hoffenheim a dangerous opponent.

Speaking of which: The duo from the front row extended their contracts as did Marcel ‘plaplup’ Schwarz and Jonas ‘bit0911’ Bederke. The former was still active as a player coach in the past season, Bederke was increasingly involved as a content creator. Both also made their contributions to the debut success in the VBL Club Championship. In addition, Bundesliga striker Munas Dabbur – under the gamertag ‘moanesdabbur9’ – will be part of the team again.

No interplay in Hoffenheim

TSG did not have a real reason to replenish the squad – consequently it was omitted. While elsewhere, despite strong placements, there was a happy interplay, the Hoffenheim team rely on Konstanz and their well-rehearsed troops. The coming weeks will show whether the result from last season can be confirmed or improved – but there does not seem to be any worries in Kraichgau.

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