FIFA hopes to automate offside


Arsène Wenger, the legendary Arsenal manager for more than two decades, held a press conference in the French capital last Tuesday in his capacity as Head of FIFA Global Football Development. In that appearance, Wenger returned to take up the issue of offside as one of the problems that the world of football still has to solve. And in this regard, the former French coach stated that FIFA was working on modifying the offside rule by automating it.

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Also, Wenger confessed that “I am obliged to keep it a secret, but it will be the next of the great evolutions of arbitration.” It is not the first time that the one in Strasbourg refers to such a thorny issue that not even the VAR is being able to resolve, since seven months ago after a meeting of the International Board it confessed that it could be that “it could even be determined that with five or six centimeters it is not offside. Everything is under study. “

Apparently, the idea of ​​FIFA is to arrive at a satisfactory solution by 2022 and that, perhaps, it will be applied in 2023 if not before.

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