FIFA 22: Lewandowski, Pogba & Co. in the FUT price drop

A number of gold cards from world-class players are currently cheap in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT), we explain the drop in prices on the transfer market.

Stars like Lewandowski and Pogba are currently available as gold cards at FUT bargain prices.


Even in their gold version at the start of FUT, the strongest professionals are usually barely affordable for casual players – this is an experience that fans have taken with them into the FIFA 22 season over the past few years. Many of them should have been surprised in the last few days, however, because the prices on the transfer market are sometimes extremely low: Lewandowski & Co. can also be bought with a narrow exchange.

The Pole, for example, had cost between 63,000 and 87,000 coins shortly after the start of Early Access on September 22nd, and is now between 40,000 and 50,000 coins. The comparison to the previous title is particularly clear: In FIFA 21, the Bayern striker went for over 200,000 coins over the virtual counter a few weeks after the release, in FIFA 22 often only a fifth of that has to be paid.

Transparency offensive with a side effect

Something similar can be observed with Paul Pogba, who costs only half in FIFA 22, although – like Lewandowski – he has been improved by one point in the overall rating. The drop in prices at Kai Havertz, which has slipped from the six-digit segment to the four-digit segment, is serious. The German national player does not work as well in the FUT 22 meta as it did a year ago.

But how do you explain the bargain offers on the FUT transfer market? First and foremost, actually through EA SPORTS ‘transparency offensive regarding the gambling allegations. The introduction of the preview packs at the end of FIFA 21 meant that many players only picked the cherry on the cake from the packs, and the probabilities in FIFA 22 were generally increased.

Supply and demand – also in FUT

In addition, pre-orderers of the Ultimate Edition received 4,600 FIFA Points right from the start, which in most cases were spent quickly – for some strong gold cards. These will also be received in increased numbers via the improved FUT Champions and Division Rivals rewards. As a consequence, the average quality of the objects in circulation is simply higher than in FIFA 21.

And anyone who has even one basic idea of ​​the economy knows that supply and demand determine the market. If a relatively large number of strong gold cards are in circulation, the price will drop. The relationship between supply and demand has shifted significantly in FIFA 22, and players can be pleased. Nobody has a competitive advantage as a result, after all, the market is the same for everyone.

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