FIFA 22: How to Generate Lots of FUT Coins Fast?

Coins are needed in FUT, but how do you get them as quickly as possible at the beginning of the game? Our three experts give tips and reveal their strategies in kicker eSport Talk.

Manuel Madl, Flo Kerschl and Jan Bergmann discuss FIFA 22.

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In FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) everything revolves around money, in the best case in the virtual currency, the coins or coins. The more you have of them, the better players you can buy or buy packs.

To make the start of the new FIFA 22 season easier for you, we’re bringing together three proven experts in our kicker eSport Talk tonight: Moderator Jan Bergmann talks to two top 100 traders about strategies that generate a lot of coins, especially at the beginning of the season.

Manuel Madl and Flo Kerschl know what they are talking about and have already taken part in quite a few FIFA season starts. With Jan they discuss how players can best use the web app in the early access phase and focus on trading.

Of course, all the information that is already available about the new FIFA comes under the microscope. How do innovations affect the game, what do the ratings that have already been published mean?

Tune in and ask your questions in the chat, we’ll be live on Twitch from 7 p.m. and here on kicker eSport.


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