Fiesta in Olivos: the reparatory proposal presented by Fabiola Yáñez’s lawyer

The judicial case investigating the party in Olivos for the first lady’s birthday Fabiola Yanez It enters a definition stage.

The prosecutor Fernando Domínguez rejected the claim of non-existence of a crime made by the president Alberto Fernandez and it is expected that in the next few days Judge Lino Mirabelli will express his position probably in the same direction.

The majority defense of the accused will present a proposal for “comprehensive reparation” to leave behind what happened. According to the newspaper Profile, the lawyer Juan Pablo Fioribello, one of those in charge of the defense of Fabiola Yanez and other people present at the party, confirmed the proposal they will do to repair the damage done.

The defense of Fabiola Yáñez proposes a “comprehensive reparation” for what happened.

The meeting took place on July 14, 2020 when such celebrations were prohibited by decree. “The idea is to wait for Judge Mirabelli and eventually the Federal Chamber to decide on the lack of action based on the absence of a crime presented by the president Alberto Fernandez and after that, raise the reparatory agreements “, anticipated Fioribello in dialogue with Perfil.

The legal case began after the leak of the photos of the celebration at Quinta de Olivos. That leak complicated the president Alberto Fernandez and had a negative impact on the Frente de Todos in the middle of the electoral campaign prior to the PASO.

How is Fabiola Yáñez’s defense proposal for reparation

As Fioribello explained, the idea is to agree on the repair proposals based on the provisions of Article 59 subsection 6 of the Penal Code.

Once the non-existence of a crime is defined, the lawyer will take the proposal for each represented. “I will advance in the repair as the Code says: it has to be something that completely satisfies the prosecutor, “explained the lawyer.

The defense can opt for financial compensation, as the president did when proposing to donate half of his salary for four months to the Malbrán Institute. However, you can also propose the donation of material such as medical equipment.

It is still pending resolution of the president’s proposal regarding the economic repair, something that possibly has a greater possibility of advancing than the claim of non-existence of crime.


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