Few customers and little variety in installment stores in Ciego de Ávila

The forward sales stores they have very few customers and fewer products to offer in the province of Ciego de Avila after the first three months of the start of this commercial modality in the Avilanian territory.

The official press local recognized the failure of the initiative, largely as a result of high product prices (furniture, mattresses, bicycles or electrical appliances to more than 2,500 CUP) and the intricate payment facilities.

Lourdes González Loredo, manager of the La Americana store in the city of Ciego de Ávila, told the newspaper Invasive that people come to the establishment to ask about the offers, “but many they agree that everything is very expensive. In the first month around 15 clients took forms to fill out, but none returned”.

The official added that from October to date they have only “sold four chairs and seven stools divided into three clients and the box spring is also approved. The template for this article has already been reviewed by the Company’s board of directors and assigned to that person ”.

The mentioned form is a affidavit that clients need to complete in as little as seven days. After this period, officials of the establishments must verify if the data is correct and determine whether or not the person can proceed with the purchase.

If the request is approved, the prospective buyer must deposit 20% of the total amount, which in addition to the price of the item includes an interest rate of 2.5%. Finally, a contract is signed with the payment term that can vary between 10 and 12 months.

The failure of this commercial modality does not remain in Ciego de Ávila, because in other territories of the country, people have expressed their disagreement with the very high prices of the products. In Pinar del Río, dozens of residents commented on a local newspaper report Guerrilla about opening a store.

“It seems that there is no criticism of the newspaper of the newspaper Guerrilla, in relation to prices … what supply and demand justifies them in the current circumstances? … and don’t answer, because I know your answer is going to be that … the silence that hurts so much mainly to those from inside this country “, underlined a Pinar del Río.

“Well, the store is highly anticipated but honestly very disappointing prices. In any self-employed worker it is cheaper, of course, not on the term. Too bad they exist there first need products. But I don’t think working people can take on so much money in installments, “said another person.

In Sancti Spíritus also rained complaints about the opening of several of these facilities. Critics focus on high prices, even higher than 34 thousand pesos, in high-need products such as doors, paint, mattresses, living room and dining room sets, in the current context of the country, where the minimum wage barely exceeds 2,000 pesos per month.

In July 2021 the Ministry of Interior Commerce of Cuba (Mincin) approved garage and installment sales as a form of retail marketing between natural persons. With respect to the last one, the extraordinary edition No. 66 of the Official Gazette establishes that those interested in acquiring goods through this modality, must take into account the following requirements:

1- Be a Cuban citizen permanently domiciled in the country.

2- Reside in the province where the installment sale is requested.

3- Be over 18 years of age, legal and payment capacity to enter into obligations.

4- Have demonstrable, fixed and regular income guaranteed.

5- To have honored or be honoring other debts contracted under this modality of sale.

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